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Tinnitus... If you do not know what it is let alone how to pronounce it, you probably do not have it!  Thank goodness!

For Those of you who know what it is and know how to pronounce it, you either have it now or have some experience with it. The Webster’s dictionary definition of tinnitus is: a sensation of noise (as a ringing or roaring) that is caused by a bodily condition (as a disturbance of the auditory nerve or wax in the ear) and typically is of the subjective form which can only be heard by the one affected .

So now we all know the meaning of tinnitus! 

There is no cure for tinnitus, but now there is help!  Zen therapy, by Widex is a proven approach to help those suffering from tinnitus. What is Zen therapy? A comprehensive tinnitus management program provided by specially trained hearing health care providers by using Widex technology for amplification and Widex Zen for sound therapy in combination with an educational, counseling and stress reduction program. Patients are able to decrease the degree to which their tinnitus negatively impacts their quality of life.

Depending on each patients needs, the program will include a combination of the following:

  • Hearing aids:  To negate the impact of auditory deprivation in the auditory cortex. 
  • Fractal tone sound stimulation:  To stimulate a passive listening and as a contrast with complete silence. 
  • Instructional and adaptive counseling:  To enhance the natural habituation process. 
  • Stress reduction and sleep improvement strategies: To break the tinnitus stress cycle.

The success rate for patients who use Zen is 86 %. Patients found it was easier to relax while listening to the fractal signals. The Zen fractal tones provide customized sound stimulation. 

The broadband frequency responses stimulate high frequency regions where most tinnitus is matched. The Zen therapy is the best and is available in all styles and multiple technology levels and price points. Zen2Go is designed for tinnitus patients with normal hearing.

If tinnitus is a problem that you are encountering or if you or someone you love is experiencing hearing or understanding difficulties, I have solutions for you!

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